At Heslop-Appliances our fully qualified staff can remove your old dishwasher and realign new kitchen furniture doors and also align plinths. For washing machines we will redrill your door to align up the hinges for your new appliance.

Free Standing Washing Machines £25.00

Free Standing Washers Dryers  £25.00

Free Standing Dishwashers  £25.00

Integrated Washer  £69.50

Integrated Washer Dryer  £69.50

Integrated Dishwashers  £59.50

Free recycling of your old appliance if a installation is taken out, otherwise there is a £6.00 charge


Heslop-Appliances will remove any old integrated refrigeration units and reinstall your new one ensuring all doors are aligned and ventilation grills are in place.

Integrated Fridge  £49.50

Integrated Freezer £49.50

Integrated Fridge Freezer  £69.50

If you wish for us to dispose of your old refrigeration they is now a charge of £14.50 or it is free when you take out a installation service


Heslop-Appliances will deliver your new cooker and disconnect the old one. Removing all packaging and rubbish from site and will reconnect your new cooker to the existing pipes. Heslop-Appliances only use Gas Safety certified engineers for all our gas cooker installations. For electric cookers and hobs we are also PART P Electrical Certification.

Electric Cookers £29.50

Gas Cookers  £69.50

Dual Fuel Cookers  £69.50

Built-In Single Ovens  £29.50

Built-In Double Ovens  £39.50

Built-In Gas Hobs  £69.50

Built-In Electric Hobs  £39.50

They is a recycling charge of £6 per item should you wish us to dispose of your old appliances, unless you take out a installation service then recycling is free


                                             3 Years                   5 Years

FS FRIDGES                           £35                         £59

FS FREEZERS                       £35                         £59

FS FRIDGE FREEZERS        £49                         £79

FS WASHERS                        £65                         £99

FS WASHER DRYERS          £89                         £179

FS DISHWASHERS               £55                         £79

FS TUMBLE DRYERS           £45                         £79

FS GAS COOKERS               £49                         £65

FS ELEC COOKERS             £49                         £65

INT FRIDGES                        £39                         £65

INT FREEZERS                    £39                         £65

INT FRIDGE FREEZERS     £49                         £79

INT WASHERS                     £69                         £109

INT WASHER DRYERS       £89                         £179

INT DISHWASHERS            £55                         £79

SINGLE OVENS                  £40                         £59

DOUBLE OVENS                £55                         £70

GAS & ELEC HOBS            £40                         £59